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The Importance of Building a List

I’m not talking about a grocery list or even a honey-do one for that matter. What I am referring to is a list of online consumers that you can always market to and build a customer base from.

Building a list of people is a great way to have ongoing visitors to your website. A list is typically made up of people that you have compelled to know, like, and trust you, which can be done by providing amazing value. There are plenty of ways to build a list using paid and free marketing methods, some that take longer than others.

When you have a list, selling can become almost effortless as you have your very own list of people to offer to that already know and trust you. Whether you’re selling a product, service, or just yourself, a list can be a great tool for promotion. Instead of having to spend more time and/or money on finding new visitors and buyers, you can easily send out an email to your list and have visitors to a page within minutes.

My Top 3 Ways I Grow My List

Like I said, there are many of ways to build a list. Some cost more than others and some take more time to see results, but the most important thing is that you are actually building a list. I personally like free, so those are the types of marketing that I’m going to discuss.


Blogging can take a little more time because you have to find a niche and create valuable, unique content for your targeted visitors. When creating content that solves the needs and problems of your visitors, it becomes easier to provide them with value, which will in turn make them trust you. At this point are most likely to join your list but it’s important to note that it can take 7-14 exposures to an audience for them to join your list.

People want to follow people that teach them things that are helpful and relevant, so never stop learning so that you can be a beneficial instructor.


These days, people would much rather watch a video to learn something than they would read a blog post.

YouTube and Vimeo are free, frequently visited websites where you can post videos that also teach and provide massive value for your visitors. Taking the route of pairing a blog post with a video can be twice as effective since you can add a link to one inside of the other.

Video can be one of the quickest, cheapest, and most effective ways of building a list so naturally, it’s highly recommended. And if you are doing SEO, videos rank faster than blog posts so can be just another great form of promotion.


If you do this list building method, you can bring in some of the most highly targeted visitors for your blog and to compel to join your list.

People search and ask questions every day in many of the popular forums out there, so if you can be there to answer them then your value amongst the community will grow. People will trust you enough to listen to your advice and even trail back to your blog posts or videos to get more. It’s all about being active and building up a solid reputation that can work for you for the next few years to come.