Is Content the New Face of SEO?

For years now, the phrase “content is king” has been slung all over the web – mostly from white hat SEOs and bloggers alike. But how much truth is there in this infamous statement? This is what I want to take a quick look at in this content today.

Search engine optimization has been around since the early days of the internet, and there will always be people that want to “game” Google’s algorithm in order to achieve top rankings. The best way for Google’s search engines to determine where a website should show up largely depends on hundreds of factors that tell them about the trust and quality of the site, etc.

One of the cores of SEO, backlinks, are one of the main factors that signal trust and quality to search engines like Google.

In the past, you could send tons of links to a website and it would rank quickly and easily. But over the last few years – with social media growing in popularity – Google has started to look at more natural factors that reflect how an organic website would function. Think social sharing of content all across social media.

This hasn’t ceased SEO from working all together, but it has made quality a bigger factor over quantity of links. Therefore, having quality content on a website and links from websites with high quality content has really increased in importance.

It’s important to note that Google doesn’t like for users to build links themselves. They would rather see natural links coming from websites that linked to that resource because of it’s quality,  rather than just for SEO purposes. Google’s goal is to only add content to their results that add value to the web – not to cater to SEO’s that build links just for ranking purposes.


In an ever-changing world, search engines like Google are incorporating ‘natural’ looking signals in their algorithm to determine how to filter the quality results from the spammy, low quality ones.

People love to consume online content as it is right at their fingertips and if they like it, they are naturally going to share it on social media and other places around the web. Good, natural content is another way for Google to determine quality, and therefore it is only becoming increasingly important to create your content around adding value to the web.

While content may not be the new face of SEO completely, it’s becoming a better way for search engines to determine what makes a better user experience online – which is exactly what Google is all about. In my humble opinion, content will only become more important in the future, as people and search engines alike love good quality. And what better way to know how relevant and helpful a site is than with telling factors such as these?

What’s your opinion about content becoming a new facelift for SEO? Do you think SEO is dead like many people in the community are talking about everywhere you look?


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