WordPress Vs. Weebly – Which One is Best?

If you’re a blogger or website designer, you may know this familiar dilemma all-to-well: WordPress versus Weebly – which is better?

As someone that has used both for both site design and blogging, I have gained some insights that I thought could be quite helpful here on my own blog. So let’s jump right in.

These are the top things I believe separate the two.

*Note: This is just a short, easy-to-digest overview of the differences between Weebly and WordPress. If you want a longer, heartier overview, feel free to do a Google search and you’ll land on some of the best posts on the web. 🙂


If cost is a consideration for you when building a new website or blog, WordPress may be your better option if you use a free theme. At that point all you are paying for is the hosting which can only cost a couple of bucks a month.

Weebly on the other hand, does offer a free website builder, however, you have to pay to upgrade if you want to remove their banner from the footer, AND just to connect your domain name. If you don’t pay to upgrade then you are stuck with a subdomain.

Not to mention, you have to renew your Weebly subscription at least every 6 months (depending on the upgrade package you choose) so that’s another cost to keep up with.

Ease of Use

I’ve built many websites and blogs using both WordPress and Weebly, and have found both incredibly easy to use.

Many WordPress themes are becoming easier and easier to use, somewhat like Weebly’s drag-n-drop builder, making it much easier to use for people that are total beginners or not tech-savvy at all.


Many people like to have support for themselves if something goes wrong, especially if they have just signed up for a product or service that can confuse them during use.

If you use WordPress, your best bet for support is on the central hub which is WordPress.com, and you can have people answer your questions over time.

In using Weebly, you can call their support line or chat online with a team member and likely get your problem solved right away.

My Quick Conclusion

In my humble opinion, whether on uses WordPress or Weebly should depend on their individual tastes, and what they will be using their website for.

There’s obviously a huge difference between a website and a simple blog, so taking these into consideration can really seal the deal when it comes to the look of the site.