Where to Promote Your Blog Content

I may have already talked about how to promote blog posts on EZPZ Biz , but today I want to talk about where. They may sound the same, but really are quite different.

Where you promote your blog content will vary by your niche but for the most part, the places stay the same.

So where are the best places to push your new posts around?

1.) Social Media

Of course, you probably already guessed that one!

The search engines look at social signals when deciding which content to rank because let’s face it, even most grannies are on social media these days. As sad as it may be, having a social media account in a way makes you a somebody, so it’s just as important for your blog to as well.

On top of that, many audiences hang out on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, so why not push your content in front of their faces.

2.) Forums

Forums are great places to promote your blog content because they usually house a ton of questions and concerns on the topics you are probably already blogging about. While I mention that, I should also note that these questions and concerns make great topics for future content and when you see people ask them in the future, you can drop a link to your content to leave a more valuable response.

You never want to put all your eggs in one basket, but this promotion strategy alone can bring in tons of targeted traffic to your blog posts.

3.) YouTube Videos

I read just yesterday that YouTube owns 60% of the online video market, plus it’s common knowledge that most people would rather watch videos to learn these days than read. Because of this, you have an even better chance of getting people to consume your content.

All you have to do is find a way to turn your blog post into a video and add the link to the actual post in the description. Videos are highly authoritative to can rank for some easy keywords, and is another great way to bring in targeted traffic for your blog.

The video that ties into your blog post can be anything from you talking in person or on a screen recording that discuss the topic more in-depth, or whatever, just as long as it sparks interest and provides value.