The Basics of Blogging: An Overlook

Blogging can be used for an array of purposes, but what I have mostly seen is to make money online or expand outreach on a company or brand.

To these people blogging can sometimes seem like a chore or a challenge while those that do it because they want to are usually in it for the passion. Either way, if you don’t have something different, unique, and important, then most people probably aren’t going to listen very much to you. See, the internet is a heavily crowded place, and a large chunk of that space is filled with bloggers. If you can’t find a way to rise above the crowd with your own unique spin then what makes you different enough for people to want to continue to pay attention to.

Find Your Voice

If there’s one important thing I learned about blogging it’s that you can’t care about what people think, and certainly not be afraid to blog with your real voice. Back in the old days when I started my very first blog, it pretty much bombed because I wasn’t really being me. I was blogging in this scared, weak little voice that just blended in with everyone else. It wasn’t until l broke out of that and into my own self that I was able to find success with blogging.

Other than that, here’s what else you need to know about the basics of blogging.

Know Your Topic

The more you do, the better quality of content you can create. This leads to more eyeballs on your content and more frequent visitors. But before you can even know your topic…

Know Your Purpose for Blogging. Like I said above, there are many reasons for blogging. What’s yours? Are you promoting a product or service for a company you work for or are an affiliate for? Or will this simply be a side project kind of like this blog is for me?

Either way you need clarity so you can figure out exactly who your audience is and construct your content specifically for them. This in itself will lead to more customers and conversions because at this point you are providing your target market with exactly what they need. In many cases they will even feel like the content was created just for them. And that my friends, is when you know you have done a good job with your subject.

Have Consistency

Any successful person in any industry will tell you that to get to the level they are at, they had to do certain things on a consistent basis and over a prolonged period of time. Well, blogging works the same way and if you want to make it big, you need to write continuously until you start to see results. Then scale it up and create even more results. It has also been proven that people return to profiles and blogs online that keep updated with fresh content every day, every week, or even just once a month.

Stay consistent and you will go far.