Is SEO Dead, Or Alive and Well?

There’s been a common question lingering around the SEO community for the past couple of years. If you’re been around the block a time or two, you probably know exactly which question I’m talking about.

Is SEO dead?

Ah, the infamous phrase that seem to be freaking a lot of people out. But why?

In short, SEO is always evolving and therefore, things are going to change. New algorithms arise, and some methods just don’t work like they used to, if at all.

Just a few short years ago, you could spam a website with tons of links and the throw a bunch of keywords all over the place. Basically, you could be lazy and sloppy with your SEO work to get top rankings. Then Google came along and slapped penalties on websites with this kind of work, making it more difficult to rank without having a more natural appearance, i.e: natural links, natural content and natural traffic and social signals.

Which is exactly why – in my humble opinion – people are running around the web screaming that SEO is dead as if the sky were falling.

Google’s sole purpose is to provide the best, most optimal user experience possible and in our age of ever-expanding information, content is the best indicator that your website is just that. This means if you want to offer a solid user experience, you need to start focusing more on content and less on link building.

Don’t get me wrong, link building still works well – as long as the links look natural and aren’t coming from spammy sites. But the reality is, content is only going to become increasingly important in the future, and Google will always reward websites that have quality content over those that do not.

So yes, to many people, SEO may seem dead since it’s adopting a greater importance of content over just link building.

You can still rank websites with good ole’ SEO, but content will always play a significant part whether we like it or not. In the end, it will separate those that are good at search engine optimization from those that are not.


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