Do I Need Widgets For My WordPress Blog?

w-logo-blueIf you are the host of a WordPress blog, you may be wondering if widgets are something that could be of a benefit to you. In short, it depends on what you are attempting to do with your blog, but there won’t be much of a difference if you use them and if you don’t.

Widgets can make a blog more aesthetically pleasing or look junky if you go overboard. But for the most part, they are just another way to make your blog more like your own, and make your content more easily accessible to your viewers.

If you have played around with the widgets feature of your WordPress blog, you are probably already aware of which ones are available for your use. Some people are aware of this feature but have no idea what any of it means, however.


As you can see, there are a number of different widgets that can be added to different areas of your blog, but in most cases the sidebar.

These can give you extra areas to list the pages, posts, archives, and categories on your blog so that people can access your old work, seeing as there can only be 5-10 or so posts that stay on the home pages at all times.

Depending on the type of WordPress theme you are using, you may or may not have more widgets available for use.

So, Do I Need These Widgets for My Blog?

Need, no. But if you want them, grab them.

The only thing I have against widgets is that they can also index in the search engines with the rest of your content, and this can be classified as duplicate content which isn’t good if you are looking to rank in Google.

It’s not something that will completely ruin you, it just looks a little sloppy. There are, however, plugins that you can use to prevent this from happening, which I will get to in a later post.