Converting Blog Posts Into Even More Content

Anybody that is a blogger knows that creating content for their blog can take time and creativity.

You spend time learning about and experiencing something, then you decide how you want to write about it, and then pour your heart and soul into the piece. This may not always take hours, but the good ones usually seem to.

Wouldn’t it be nice though if there was something you could do to put your blog posts to their maximum use? To use them in more ways than one? Well guess what?
There is! Here’s how:

Repurposing Old Blog Posts for New Content

Why limit our blog posts to just the blog we are writing them for?

Instead, why not take the little nuggets of these posts and repurpose them into different formats of content that can be shared on other platforms, which will in return, give the original content more views, and even likes and shares.

This could mean converting your old blog posts into:

• YouTube videos
• Slideshows
• Images, Infographics
• Content for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – you get the picture
• Even content for a whole other blog

The possibilities are only growing, but the content formats I just listed are proven to be highly effective for getting more likes, shares and even followers to the original blog post.
Repurposing old content may take a little extra time, but the effort can go a long way over time and is one of the most simple ways to grow your blog for cheap.