3 Considerations for Finding the Right Mentor for You

Finding the right mentor can be life-changing, but first you have to find a good fit for you. In the age of information and easy access to sharing information online, it’s more common than ever for people to consider themselves mentors.

This can not only can this make it hard to know what person would make a good mentor for your current life situation, it can also be more difficult to know who is the real deal and who is just full of spam.

Here are four ways to figure out if someone is a good fit for a mentor.

1.) They are already where you want to be

The fastest way to achieve success in any field is to reverse engineer the work of some one that has already been down the same path. Not only can they give you insight, but your learning curve can literally be cut in half.

And the best part is, you won’t have to go down the path by yourself.

2.) They should be available

I will say now that I consider authors of books I read and courses I take to be mentors to an extent. This is however, much different from having mentors that you actually speak to and interact with.

This doesn’t mean that you should expect them to always be on-call to help you, but being able to get their insights and opinions is what is most valuable about having them in the first place.

3.) Their knowledge and skills should be reinforced

What’s the point of seeking a certain type of mentor if they aren’t one of, if not the best at what they do. Or at least have a very good understanding with proof to back up what they are saying.

Remember how I said earlier that some people consider themselves to be mentors because of the easy access to online sharing? Well this is where that mostly comes in. If people have achieved what the said they have then they should certainly be able to back it up. Especially since they can so easily do some online nowadays.