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Cool Tips for Finding a Mentor

Wow. It’s been a long time since I have posted on here!

It’s a new year and I’m a new me, which means that I have a lot of new information in store to share with you. Today I want to talk about mentors, and how they can change your life and your business forever – if they are knowledgeable on the subject of course.

What do I mean? Well, any one can be a mentor, but it’s ideal to learn from someone that is where you want to be or has what you want, and that can show you the same. In this post, I’m going to show you how to find a mentor for whatever it is that you are pursuing in life.

Finding a Mentor

There is always someone out there that has already walked down the path that you desire to head down.

Whether you seek these people out through the internet in person is up to you, but before you choose, you need to do some due diligence. This means learning what you can about them, whether it’s through a website, or meeting them in person.

The brilliance of the internet provides us with ample options for mentors. You can find one on YouTube, social media, or even their website or blog through Google, and see for yourself how well they know and have succeeded with their craft.

I found one of my business mentors, Tai Lopez, on YouTube, and that led me to his website, live calls, and programs for investing in myself. Without the web, I would have never had access to such knowledge for self-improvement, building a business online, and becoming a millionaire.

In the two months that I have been learning from him with free information alone, I have already transformed into a better version of myself, and am getting closer by the day.
I would highly recommend using Google and YouTube to find mentors for whatever you are trying to do in life. No matter what that is, I’m sure that you can find someone to help you get there faster than you could on your own – which is the best thing about hiring a mentor.

And don’t think of it as a cost, but rather an investment. You are investing in your future by finding a mentor to coach you, so don’t think twice about it.