Welcome to EZPZ Biz!

Hi there and welcome to EZPZ Biz! Despite the fact that this blog’s name has the word “pic” in it, this website is not about photography. But I’m sure you could really give two shits about that, I mean, amiright?

But it’s only fair to give you, the viewer some idea about what EZPZ is about, so here goes: This blog is going to be about the many lessons that come from starting your own business, whether it’s online or off.

There’s so much more to learn when it comes to starting a business. In fact there will be so much valuable information that that is that exact reason I am starting this blog. I’m not so great at remembering things, so having a place to document (that I can’t lose like I could paper,) is going to be a great move for me.

Like I mentioned on my about page, I am about to be joining a mentoring program that is going to show me what I need to be doing to start a sports marketing agency of my own. By the way, I love sports, sales, marketing, and psychology, so figured that an agency would be good for me.
I am sure that there are other people out there that are in the process, or at least want to be working on the process of doing the same thing, and I hope to meet some of them. So if you are reading this blog right now and share the same interests as me, feel free to contact me so we can swap/share information.


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