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Blogging for Sports Marketing

Hey there again, I can see that you have made your way back to the blog. Welcome.

In today’s post I wanted to talk a little about how blogging can be a great for marketing a business, or really any marketing for the matter; at least that’s what I have recently learned anyways from my new mentors. By the way, I did find the mentor I was looking for, but I will save that information for a later day.

So moving on to blogging as a means of marketing.

  • It’s free, well except for that fact that it costs you time and energy to absorb information and then relay it to an interested audience in an interesting way.
  • It’s not hard to do.
  • And it’s something that I have full control over. It’s not an ad that can get shut down or that I have to pay for, and it’s sure as hell not some get-rich-quick product that I’m using to earn money that could be literally taken away at any time.

So as you can see, there are quite a few great benefits of blogging.

Sure, there are other effective ways to market online, but with blogging you can just add that much more of a personal touch for your audience.

And just think of the awesome ways I could promote all things in the sports arena with a blog.

Not only could I write about some of the top players and do interviews with them, I could post any kind of media to go right along with it such as tweets & other social media posts so we know what the players are thinking. Also, I can post videos and images and write stories and other little news articles around  them.

The possibilities literally seem endless. And the good news is that you can apply this methodology to any niche you are in.

Blogging is a terrific means for communicating with an audience in a personable way that will keep them coming back for more each and every day.

Hope you have learned something from this stuff today, I know I sure have.


Mentors and Business

Since deciding that I wanted to start my own online business, I have realized that I am going to really need some help and training from people that are already where I want to be. Because of that, I have decided to start looking for a mentor or hey, even two.

I have been reading a few magazines on business and success here lately and the majority of them tell me that I need to have a mentor.

Wouldn’t I sort of be foolish not to do so? Especially when I’m getting into such a large business?

So on top of continuing to read good books and ones that are recommended to me through those, I am now scouting out the web to find a mentor. Why online you might ask? Won’t I end up scammed or sold wrong information?

Maybe. But successful people have to learn to take risks. And if I don’t start now then I don’t see myself being very good at it later.

So for now my mission is clear: Mind a good mentor(s) to teach me what they know so I can fast track my success. If I want to take years to get my business off the ground then I can’t wait around much longer.

Seeing results from people that are already where I want to be and having them show me the steps to get there seem MUCH better than having to figure things out myself.

I believe having a mentor will do me a lot of good and it just feels right. I cannot wait to get started! But I better take it down a notch since I don’t know how long it might take. Oh well, I guess it’s like what the old saying goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Sounds doable enough for me.

Now on to the hunt for a mentor.


Welcome to EZPZ Biz!

Hi there and welcome to EZPZ Biz! Despite the fact that this blog’s name has the word “pic” in it, this website is not about photography. But I’m sure you could really give two shits about that, I mean, amiright?

But it’s only fair to give you, the viewer some idea about what EZPZ is about, so here goes: This blog is going to be about the many lessons that come from starting your own business, whether it’s online or off.

There’s so much more to learn when it comes to starting a business. In fact there will be so much valuable information that that is that exact reason I am starting this blog. I’m not so great at remembering things, so having a place to document (that I can’t lose like I could paper,) is going to be a great move for me.

Like I mentioned on my about page, I am about to be joining a mentoring program that is going to show me what I need to be doing to start a sports marketing agency of my own. By the way, I love sports, sales, marketing, and psychology, so figured that an agency would be good for me.
I am sure that there are other people out there that are in the process, or at least want to be working on the process of doing the same thing, and I hope to meet some of them. So if you are reading this blog right now and share the same interests as me, feel free to contact me so we can swap/share information.